2009: TY tire stability test was completed in Australia.


The combination of the Eimco 130 (fitted with a set of Tong Yong tyres) and QDS load of 8,000 kg was statically tested up to its maximum lift capabilities and as stated previously in the report the objective of this testing was more to determine the characteristics of the tyres than to assess the stability of the machine and load.

As the load exceeded the nominal maximum carry capacity of the machine, the hydraulics on the load arm struggled to achieve maximum lift in all testing configurations.

The machine did become unstable during Test 4 in the worst attitude of 1 in 8 cross grade plus 100 mm roadway deviation allowance when the load was raised to 1400 mm ground clearance. This, however, was not influenced by the tyre design or structure.

Under all test conditions the tyres showed very little stress or deformation and would provide a level of stability better than air filled tyres and equal to, or better than foam filled tyres.